Today, we discuss more information about vehicle wraps in Baton Rouge.  It is extremely important to select a reputable sign comapny to insure that you receive a quality job.  Vehicle wraps can either be a full or a partial wrap.  Partials are normally applied to the back of the vehicle and generally to approximately half of each side.  Most times, there will also be a decal applied to the hood.

The other wraps are either a three quarter or a full vehicle wraps.  It depends on the look that the customer is trying to accomplish.  The budget will also influence how much of the car to cover.  We can do a design for any budget.  That is one of the big advantages about our sign company in Baton Rouge.  We are very felxible.

The life of the vehicle wraps is typically anywhere between one to six years.  It depends on many factors.  We strictly use 3M vinyl and then laminate the print to protect it from the elements and from the harmful affects of the sun’s uv rays.  In general, a high performance cast vinyl, like the one we use, can last three to six years when maintained properly.

Proper maintance means washing on a regular basis and waxing every six to twelve months, just like you would wax the paint on your automobile.  It also means repairing the vinyl any time there are any major dings or rips.  If you have any additional questions about how to properly maintain your graphics, please contact our sign company and we will be glad to assist you in any way possible.