Your sign is usually the first thing customers notice about your business, and it can be a powerful factor in establishing a good first impression. Let your Next Day Signs consultant help you develop a design that’s right for your specific needs. You should consider:

  • Best with Photo: The use of a photo creates a 300% greater recall than ads without photos.
  • Best: Full color graphics create the highest awareness of all sign categories.
  • Better: A border and graphic add visual interest and the extra color improves reader retention by 78%.
  • Good: Signage builds awareness through low-cost, multiple impressions, reinforcing your other advertising media.

Here are some additional points to consider:

Visibility: Viewing distance is a primary factor. Your sign and the message it conveys must be readily distinguishable from the surroundings. When you don’t have room for lettering as large as you would like, try using light-colored letters on a dark background. The contrast will make the lettering appear larger and viewers will find it easier to read.

Readability: The reader’s ability to correctly read your message is maximized by a design that enhances individual letter distinction. Studies have proven that black letters on a yellow background or yellow letters on a black background are the easiest color combinations to read, especially at a distance. Other combinations that work well have been studied and ranked in order of readability. Ask your Next Day Signs professional for some good examples.

Get Noticed: You can draw the reader’s attention by changing a sign’s message, color, size or shape frequently.

Legibility: The right typestyles and spacing can help readers distinguish letters and words. Your sign professional can help you with these selections.