Here’s a quick questionnaire to help identify your signage needs. Feel free to print this page to help guide your Next Day Signs consultant in making good recommendations for your project:

Use of Your Sign

  • Are you…Directing, Informing or Selling?
  • Will the display time be…Temporary or Permanent?
  • Do you want to project an image that is…Professional, Sophisticated, Youthful, Fun or Other?
  • Will it coordinate with existing graphic advertising?

Your Target Audience

  • Who’s attention do you want to attract?
  • How far will readers be from the sign?
  • How long will they have to read the sign?

Sign Copy and Layout

  • What special message do you want to communicate?
  • Do you have special logo or layout requirements?

Installing Your Sign

  • Where will your sign be displayed?
  • How will it be attached?
  • What are your landlord or local sign code authority requirements/restrictions?