DiBond is another substrate that can be used for outdoor signs, according to Next Day sign company Baton Rouge.  DiBond is a light weight product designed for either short term or long term exterior useage.  It is durable with a baked on enamel finish.  It can come in many colors, although the most popular colors are either white or black.  It is finished on both sides, making it a good product for double sided singage.

The sign company in Baton Rouge says that it likes to use DiBond because it is weather and rust resistant.  Typical applications are for swimming pool and spa rules, real estate signs, and parking signs.  It also can be used for directional and informational as well as industrial outdoor signs.  Next Day also uses this material to make many project and traffic signage.

DiBond, also known as Signabond, is a metal substrate that is recyclable, light weight, and sturdy.  Although it is light weight, Signabond is one of the most rugged materials available.  That is why Next Day sign company Baton Rouge loves to use this products.  They stock this product in a variety of lenghts, widths, and thicknesses.  The most commond size is four feet by eight feet.  The most commond thickness is 3mm gauge.  Although it also comes in 1 mm gauge and 1 mm guage.

After we have designed your signage using Signabond, let us design a banner to augment your advertising efforts.  Our banners are eye grabbing, and will help you land more customers.  When adding a car wrap to complete your total visual communications package, you will have an advantage over your competition.  While your competitor is driving around town in an unmarked vehicle.  You are driving around town in a car wrap designed specially for you, which is coordinated with your building exterior and your banners.

Let us help you communicate your products or services to your clients.  We are the experts in visual communications.  Call us today and see your design tomorrow.  You will be glad you did.