Next Day sign company Baton Rouge continues it’s discussion of outdoor sign products.  Expanded PVC is suited for long term indoor signs and short term outdoor signs.  PVC is available in various lenths, widths, and thicknesses.  It typically comes in sheets of four feet by eight feet.  We stock Expanded PVC is 3 mm thickness, but can get up to 3/4 inch.

Tips on installation and care are as follows:  it will warp is exposed  for extended amounts of time to the heat or sunlight.  You should not leave this product inside your car.  It has a tendency to absorb moisture and mildew if left exposed in outdoor locations.  Therefore, you should install PVC in a sheltered, dry area when possible.  The best way to display these types of signs are:  self supporting (bent easel), hanging, using velcro, suction cups, double sided tape, or putting in a frame.

Another popular material used by Next Day sign company Baton Rouge is HDU.  This stands for High Density Urethane.  Most manufacturers warranty their HDU for ten years against deterioration, warping, or cracking.  Whether it is used outdoors or indoors.  It is 100% water proof, and it is unaffected by temperature.  It will not rot or decompose.  This material is preferable on most projects, and specially on large exterior sign projects.  High Density Urethane is so effective, that we no longer use wood for sandblasted or carved signs.  We have replaced the wood with HDU because it far out-performs all types of woods and is a much better value for the customer.

The main advantages of the Sign Foam is that it will not warp, crack, or bow, like solid wood when exposed to the elements.  It is slightly lighter than wood, which saves on shipping.  Sign Foam can be sandblasted with a simulated wood grain finish, which in many cases looks better than a real wood grain.

Call Next Day sign company Baton Rouge to learn more about the different types of materials for outdoor signs, banners, and car wraps.  We will be happy to consult with you and advice you on the proper products for your application.