In order to get an accurate estimate from a Baton Rouge sign company you will need to have a few details about the type of signage you need. One of the things your Baton Rouge sign company will need to know is what size you need your sign to be. Next Day Signs is capable of making signs in almost any size from the basic 18″Hx24″W corrugated plastic lawn sign to much larger signs in materials such as HDU(wood), PVC, styrene, aluminum, and more.

Other information to convey to your sign company in Baton Rouge is whether the sign you need is intended to be permanent or temporary. By providing this information your sign company will be able to help you select the appropriate material and substrate.  Many temporary signs are printed on Coro, or corrugated plastic, because its low cost and rigid construction make it ideal for outdoor use. While most of these signs are mounted on coro that is 4mm thick, Next Day signs also offers 10mm thick coro for larger signs that require additional durability. For temporary signage that will be indoors another material, such as foamboard, may be preferable for its more sophisticated look.
If you are looking for a Baton Rouge sign company for your permanent signage needs Next Day Signs will want to know whether you intend to have your signage to be for interior or exterior use. This will help your sign consultant to determine whether it is necessary to apply a UV protective laminate over any printed material.  The wide variety of options for exterior signage will be the topic of later posts. Until then, check out the Beacon Images: Next Day Signs gallery for more ideas.