Banners in Baton Rouge are a logical and an ecomonical choice for a variety of reasons. They can be used in many locations with ease, because of their lightweight and ease of installation. They may be hung with pole pockets or from posts with grommets. These can also be used either indoors or outdoors. Versitility is the name of the game when it comes to banners in Baton Rouge. The price per square foot is very economical for all the color and attention grabbing detail you can get from an advertising media of this size. So economical in fact often they are almost considered disposable, but in truth, a it can last you for quite a long time, certainly an indoor one. Banners in Baton Rouge have many applications for use.

The sky is the limit, or your imagination, which ever you allow. We here at Beacon Images have a top-notch graphic designer to get your proof just right to suit your needs before the printing process ever begins, therefore, you’ll know just what you’ll be getting before we even start. If you have an annual event that needs a change every year, we can accomodate that too, WITH a BANNER IN BATON ROUGE. We can print a vinyl replacement piece for that part and it can be redone for you every year! As I said… Economical and a logical choice. They can be rolled for easy storage, taking up little space.

The most common question asked when a call comes in is what is a standard size? The correct answer is they are each made custom, however there are “popular” sizes. Some of those popular sizes are 4 feet x 8 feet, 4 feet x 12 feet, and 3 feet x 6 feet. Please keep in mind that those are just popular sizes. As stated before, each one is custom made and done in the size to suite the customer’s individual need, design, and target audience. Next time you are riding about town, look around, pay attention. Just how many banners do you see? Now how can you and your business benefit by advertising with one?

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