From a single, personal vehicle, to an entire fleet, Beacon Images is the place to go for your Vehicle Wraps in Baton Rouge. Despite using the term vehicle, which makes you think car or truck, this type of advertising certainly is not limited to your typical definition of a vehicle. You can advertise on just about anything: Boats, Trailers, even Motorcycles!  Vehicle wraps in Baton Rouge are, simply put, large scale vinyl graphics or decals. These graphics are removable without damaging the paint with the disclaimer that as long as the paint was in very good to excellent condition prior to the application of the wrap. These may be applied to any portion of the vehicle that you desire. Full, three-quarter or even just a half-wrap may be installed. Whatever size fits into your advertising budget, we here at Beacon Images can make the most of the surface available.  Each job will be custom designed, custom measured, and cut to fit your specific item.


There is a 5 step process for Vehicle Wraps in Baton Rouge, no matter what it ends up going on.

Step 1. Design – Custom process between the graphic designer and you, the consumer.

Step 2. Production – The actual printing process of your graphics

Step 3. Preparation – The process where your substrate is cleaned with a special solution to make sure it is clean and free from dirt, lint, etc prior to application of the graphics

Step 4. Installation – The application of the graphics themselves

Step 5. – Activation – The heat application process that activates the adhesive part of the vinyl and ensures that there will be no bubbles and that the vinyl will not peel.


Vehicle Wraps in Baton Rouge are a sound investment. Typically lasting around 5 years, but as long as 8 to 10. This varies with the wear and tear on the item and how well it is maintained.  It is recommended that you wash regularly, and wax every 6 months. For this investment, you will have a moving bill-board. High quality, vibrant, distinctive advertisement for your brand recognition. So if you advertise, why not advertise with a purpose? Have an instant impact on your consumers.


For more information on the these services and others we offer, contact us here at Beacon Images today!  225-924-2550. Let one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates assist you in your advertising needs.