Next Day Signs is synonymous with banners Baton Rouge.  We design, print, and sometimes install banners of all shapes and sizes.  We always start the same way on every project.  Insuring that we understand the needs of our customers.  Once we understand what the customer is trying to accomplish, we can suggest the type of material that will best create the impact to attract attention.

Most banners are printed on 13 ounce gloss material, are hemmed, and contain grommets on all four corners and every two feet.  This allows for versatility of installation.  We also have the capability to print on both sides.  Some of the banners we install in Baton Rouge have the need to be visible from both sides.  This is typically the case when the installation is in front of a business, by the street.

Pole banners are also printed on two sides.   These are typically used by cities or municipalities on the downtown roads, or roads entering the city.  Many businesses use these in their parking lot, to convey their message.  Many large churches and shopping centers find that these are helpful for them also.

The third most popular type is the roll up.  Roll ups are used maily for trade shows and portable displays.  The advantage is that they stand up by themselves and are easy to trasport.  They come with a roll up stand, as well as a carrying case.  The typical size of the roll up banners in Baton Rouge are 31 inches in width, by 80 inches tall.

Call us today and we can have a design ready for your by tomorrow.  Let Next Day Signs in Baton Rouge be your one stop shop for all of your indoor and outdoor sign needs.