Today we continue the explanations of the different materials for outdoor signs. The best Sign Company Baton Rouge knows is Next Day Signs.  It wants to help the city companies and residents understand the proper material to use for their projects.  The next material we will discuss is redwood.

Wood and composite materials will give you years of outdoor service.  They are suitable for large format signage, are weather resistant, and have a rigid flat surface.  Wood products can be painted to match custom colors for signage usage in commercial real estate, construction frims, and property leasing companies.  Some composite materials come in a wide range of colors, other are available only in white.  Next Day sign company Baton Rouge will advise you as to the best application for your outdoor signs.

Aluminum is designed primarily for outdoor applications.  It is stocked in a variety of colors and will not rust.  Aluminum is light wieght, yet sturdy.  It is the ideal choice for real estate and traffic signage.  Next Day sign company Baton Rouge stocks aluminum in three densities.  .040, .063, and .080 aluminum.  We stock standard sizes of 4 feet by 8 feet, but can cut it down to any size.  In addition, we can order much larger sizes for very large outdoor signs.

For further information and to learn about our recommendations for the different types of signs, please contact us.  We will be glad to consult with you at no charge.  Wheather you decide to hire us as your sign company or not, it does not matter.  What matters is that you select the right products for your project.  We are here to help.