The best sign company in Baton Rouge is sharing information about the types of materials that they can use to build outdoor permanent signs.  This is the first in a series of articles to educate the public in selecting the appropriate material for their indoor or outdoor signs.

We will start with acrylic.  Acrylic is an extremely versitle, highly durable plastic sheet that comes in a variety of colors.  It is primarily used for long term interior or exterior signiage.  Some common usage by Next Day sign company in Baton
Rouge are internally illuminated signs, architectural signs, wall directories, permanent retail displays, menu boards, and trade show displays.    Acrylic is an excellent product if you desire a high quality gloss finish.

Another very popular material used by the sign company in Baton Rouge is DiBond.  It is a light weight product designed primarily for either short term or long term outdoor use.  DiBond is a metal substrate, with a baked enamel finish.  It is recyclable, light weight and sturdy.  It is resistant to the weather and rust.  Although it is light weight, DiBond is one of the most rugged materials available.

Next Day Signs in Baton Rouge will be glad to discuss these materials with you further and to help you select the appropriate material for your application.  We are professionals dedicated to helping our customers accomplish their objectives.