Next Day Signs, the premier sign company in Baton Rouge, shares some insights into the psychology behind signs.  According to management, effective signs are not an accident.  They are effective because of the thought and strategy behind them.  Not only does this apply to the main identification of a business, but it also applies to custom banners as well.

Choosing the font style and the size is key to insuring a successful message.  It is best to limit the usage of fonts to one or two.  Using more than two fonts just makes it very difficult to read and typically makes it seem very fragmented.  This will cause the sign to lose effectiveness.  The Baton Rouge Sign Company strongly believes that the fonts must compliment one another.  They must also blend in with the company logo to create eye appeal that grabs the attention of passers by.

Another consideration is to compare to the other signage and banners in the area.  It is important to stand out from the rest, so that you are not stuck in the sea of sameness.  Next Day Signs, considers itself the best sign company in Baton Rouge because it pays attention to all of the small details to give it’s customers every competitive advantage.

They also tell us the ratio of letter size to visibility and give us a few benchmark numbers.  A three inch letter will be most effective from a viewing distance of 30 feet, while being visible from 100 feet.  A six inch letter has an effective viewing distance of 60 feet, while being visible from 200 feet.  For larger signs, 24 inch letters will have an effective viewing distance of 240 feet, and can be visible from 1,000 feet.

Call Next Day Signs for your free consultation to see what types of fonts and what size letters you should use to insure that your outdoor sign or banner will help you stand out from your competition.