It is important to chose the best sign company to insure that your banner will accomplish what you want it to.  At Beacon Images / Next Day Signs, we only use the best products from the most reputable dealers.  We stock many different types of materials to suit your sign needs.  Most single sided exterior banners are made using a 13 ounce product.

The 13 ounce vinyl will be a 9 x 9, 1000 denier product to insure strength and durability.  It is important to consider the strength to insure that it will last the desired period of time.  We highly recommend using the 13 oz banner material, as it will hold up to the harsh weather we sometimes get in Baton Rouge.

While some companies offer a Tyvek or polyethelene material.  We don’t recommend these because they may only last a few weeks outdoors, with our climate.  We also recommend installing grommets on all four corners and every two feet, to provide stucture and strength in outdoor installations.

Next Day Signs is capable of making any size banner, no matter how small or how large.  The most popular heights are either three feet or four feet tall.  The most comon widths vary between six feet and ten feet.  Our job is to consult with you and help you decide which outdoor sign will work best for you.

Once the material has been chosen, we will produce a design for you to approve.  Typically, you can call us today and see a design tomorrow.  We are fast and we are the best at what we do.  Call us today, you will be glad you did!