Next Day Signs has the answers to your questions about car wraps in Baton Rouge.  First, we will start with the definition.  Car wraps are large vinyl graphics or decals.  They are applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle.  The application allows you to change the vehicle’s appearance in a very short period of time.  We use 3 M vinyl that is removable.  That means you can remove it without damanging the the paint, as long as the paint was in excellent condition prior to the application.

Vehicle, bus, and fleet wraps are a five step process.  First is the desing phase.  During this phase, we take pictures of the vehicle and get accurate measurements.  From then, our graphic desingers begin creating your design.  It will be unique to you and to your purpose.  The second phase is the production phase.  This is where your car wraps are printed and then laminated to protect from abrasions and UV rays.

The third phase is the preparation phase.  During this phase we prepare the vehicle by insuring that all surfaces are clean, lint and dust free.  We wipe down all of the wrapped areas with a special solution to insure that the vinyl will adhere properly.  The fourth phase is the installation.  This is when we apply the vinyl.  Here is where we really excel and stand far apart from our competition.  Our installations are done with the upmost care to insure a long lasting product and a defect free installation.

The fifth and final phase is the heat activation phase.  This is where heat is applied to the entire wrap to fully activate the adheasive part of the vinyl.  This will insure that the graphics will not bubble or peal up.

If you have any questions about car wraps in Baton Rouge, call us at Next Day Signs.  We will take care to answer all of your questions.  You will be glad you called us and you will be glad that you chose our company to be your sign company.