Next Day sign company Baton Rouge discusses installation and care of aluminum outdoor signs.  In an effort to provide knowledge for those trying to figure out the best products for the signage needs, we continue with our discussion of the different materials.  If you decide to install your own aluminum sign, it is important to take some precautionary measures.  While the baked enamel finish is extremely reseliant to weather, it is brittle and scratches easily.  Therefore, you should protect your signage during the installation process.

The best way to display your aluminum outdoor signs is framing and installing in the ground.  Typically installing three feet into the ground and then filling in the hole with concrete, topping with soil.  You can also rivet, bolt, or glue it to the wall.  If outside, you can also attach it to your fence.

For those looking for a lighter and less expensive material, Next Day sign company Baton Rouge also recommends the use of expanded PVC.  It is also known as foam PVC.  It projects a high quality and professional image for your business or event.  Typical applications include the following:  point of purchase displays, interior menu boards, directional and informational signage, name plates and name tags, and trade show signage.

Expanded PVC is medium weight, durable, transportable, and can be easily installed.  It (poly vinyl chloride) has a matte finish, which allows it to easily hide finger prints.  It is a good product to use for custom shapes.  The product is best suited for long term indoor application, or short term outdoor signs.  When used outdoors, it must be sheltered and used in low humidity areas, as it can absorb moisture and mildew when left in exposed locations.  It is important to handle properly as it can be scratched.  Some common brand names  are Trovicel and Sintra.

Call Next Day sign company Baton Rouge for more information on these and other products for banners, car wraps, or outdoor signs.  Consultation is free and you are under no obligation to purchase your signage from us.  We are here to help and inform.  If we can be of value to your company, then we will be glad to work for you.  Call us today.  You will be glad you did.