Next Day Sign Company Baton Rouge still makes some outdoor wooden signs.  Although the trend is to use other more durable products, there is still a place for wooden signs in today’s business environment.  We use MDO when there is a need for this type of sign.  MDO stands for medium density overlay plywood.  This is a finished material which is smooth and makes an ideal product for exterior signage.

Other alternative composite materials that Next Day sign company Baton Rouge uses are Alumalite, Omega Board, and DiBond.  All are durable and versitile materials designed for a wide variety of outdoor uses.  They are typically used for site signs, directional signage, identification signs and canopies.

Medium density overlay is dense plywood with a thin paper film on either one side or both sides.  Its rigid flat surface is ideal for painting.  Alumalite consists of an aluminum outer surface with a corrugated plastic core.  DiBond consists of an aluminum outer surface permanently bonded to a solid polyethylene core.

LusterBoard is exterior plywood with prefinished aluminum face on one or both sides.  Omega SignBoard offers a white vinyl surface over a hardwood plywood core stronger and lighter than MDO.

Some of these materials may not be stocked by us, so it may take an extra day or two on these types of orders.  Wood and composite materials can be cut into whatever heights and lengths are necessary.  Typically the maximum sizes are forty eight inches by ninety six inches for wood products.  The composite materials usually have a maximum size of five feet by ten feet.

Call our sign company in Baton Rouge for more information on these products and how we can help your company with our comprehensive signage approach, which includes the outdoor signs, the car wraps, and the custom banners.  Using all of these simultaniously will help you improve yours sales and profits.  Let us show you how.