Next Day Sign Company Baton Rouge can produce both permanent and temporary signs.  While main identification signs are permanent, there are other types of signage that can be used to gain attention and promote a product or sale.  These are typically considered temporary signage.  The most popular of this type is the banner.

The banner material that Next Day Sign Company Baton Rouge uses is 13 ounces in weight.  It is nylon reinforced vinyl.  It is suitable for both interior and exterior usage because of its flexibility and water resistant capabilities.  Our material is also easy to roll up for storage or for shipping.  The material’s strength allows it to be cut into almost any length or dimension.

We can produce banners in any color to meet your needs for special events, promotions, or grand openings.

The sign company in Baton Rouge also produces many temporary magnetic signs.  Magnetic signage is flexible and easily removable.  It is perfect for multi use vehicles.  This product is perfect for when you do not want to have letters permanently affixed to your vehicle.  Magnetic signage is weather resistant and with proper care, suitable for long term exterior use.  It allows your vehicle to be used as an advertising tool for your business or service.

Another temporary exterior sign material is corrugated plastic.  It comes in a variety of color to compliment your company colors.  This light weight material can be used for both temporary interior and exterior usage.  It is a very cost effective choice for special events, point of purchase, and trade shows.  It is also very popular with Realtors for to place in the front yard of the houses that they are listing.  In addition, corrugated plastic and also be cut to create collapsible signage.  This product can be pre cut into many shapes such as specialized golf balls.

Call us for any specific needs that you have and we will design the perfect product to help your next event be the most successful event you have ever had!