Your sign company Baton Rouge continues to make banners and outdoor signage on a daily basis.  Our experience and focus on customer satisfaction is why we are so successful in the visiual communications arena.  Today, we continue with our explanation of acrylic.

Acrylic should not be left in the direct sun or in the car.  It may bow on bend, if not sitting flat.  You should handle this product with care because it can scratch easily.  It can also shatter or chip upon impact.  Next Day sign company Baton Rouge recommends the best way to display acrylic signage.  Many are displayed with a self supporting, bent easel.  Hanging, glued, and attaching it with velcro are effective ways to display.  Other methods that can be used for displaying is to glue the acrylic or to use double sided tape, or maybe even suction cups.

The sign company in Baton Rouge also recommends augmenting the use of outdoor signs with banners.  This is a combination that will help identify your business with the use of the main signage, while promoting a product or service with the banner.  In addition, placing a banner outside the building or next to the road, will gain the attention of passers by.  If you are able to gain their attention, you increase the possiblity of them coming into your place of business, and therefore greatly increase the opportunity for a sale.

The final piece of the puzzle is a car wrap or vehicle wrap.  With a car wrap, you can further reach your audience as you drive around town.  Many companies use vehicle wraps as a way of bringing in extra customers.  While you are parked in front of a place of business, many potential customers will see your message.  Also, while you are stopped at a red light, anyone behind you, will notice your company.  Call us today, and we will be glad to explain the benefits of this type of outdoor signage.  We can create a design that will increase your business.