Banners and Car Wraps are just a few of the products that you can purchase at Next Day Sign Company Baton Rouge.  You can also purchase outdoor signs.  Combining all three, will get your business noticed.  In advertising, it is always important to use different mediums for maximum effectiveness.  The combination of the products that we offer will pay off big dividends.

The best sign company in Baton Rouge offers many different types of materials for banners, car wraps and outdoor signs.  One of the most popular products for exterior signage is DiBond.  Also referred to as Signabond.  It is considered a permanent material for signage.  It is a light weight product  primarily designed for either short term or long term outdoor use.  When installing a DiBond sign, it is imp0ortant to to take several things into consideration.  First, the baked enamel finish is extremely resistant to the weather, but it can be brittle.  Second, it can also be easily scratched.  You should take appropriate precautions when installing.

Signabond can be displayed in several different ways.  It can be fixed to posts.  Framed and staked.  It can be adhered to walls.  It can be formed into trays for faceless fixing.  Some attach it to a fence.  It is very diverse in it’s use.  That is why it is such a popular substrate.

Let Next Day Sign Company Baton Rouge be your one stop shop for banners, car wraps and outdoor signs.  We have helped many businesses succeed through our visual communications package.  We will be glad to consult with you free of charge.  Our ideas can help your business grow and prosper.  Contact us today, you will be glad you did.