If you’re considering outdoor signs from one of the sign companies in Baton Rouge,  it is important to know a few things about design, so that the finished product conveys your message effectively.  Our most recent blog post was about two primary elements of effective design for outdoor signage: location and message. This post will cover some of the other important factors to keep in mind.

As previously discussed, a concise and purposeful message is important for your outdoor sign. In order for that message to be received by your audience, however, you have to consider legibility at the distance from which most people will be viewing it. Two inch tall lettering can be read from up to fifty feet away, but is most legible from twenty. A good rule of thumb for the maximum impact range for any size of text is that every inch of height adds ten feet to the ideal distance between signage and viewer. This means that if your text is four inches tall its impact maxes out when the audience is forty feet away. Many sign companies in Baton Rouge will be familiar with this principle but it never hurts to be an educated consumer.

Also keep in mind that legibility of your signage depends as much on using an easily readable font, as it does on using the correct text size.  Avoid using fonts that are overly complex and hard to read at a glance.  It is an understandable urge to want to use a font that is uncommon in order to add personality to your design, but often the result of using complex fonts is diminished clarity.  It is possible to make font choices that convey the spirit of your business without sacrificing legibility.

For more information on what you need to know about design and outdoor signs from sign companies in Baton Rouge, you can look for future posts on the topic or call one of our consultants at Beacon Images at (225)924-2550