Ordering decals from sign companies in Baton Rouge is a great method for promoting you business. At Beacon Images of Baton Rouge we offer many different options that can vary in price and durability, to suit all of our customers needs. Whether you need rugged decals that can withstand the wear and tear of extreme outdoor conditions, or are simply looking for promotional stickers to hand out to clients or to put on products, we can work with you to find the combination of materials and production options that best suit your needs.

The most common types of decals produced by sign companies in Baton Rouge are digitally printed from vector art files onto a calendared vinyl, which can then be applied to any number of surfaces. Smaller decals can be peeled off and applied like stickers, but large decals, those with complex shapes, or those that need to be applied with precision, will need to have transfer tape applied to them so that they can be positioned and applied without tearing or creasing. Standard decals will not require a laminate but if your decals need higher resistance to scratching and abrasion, or will be used in direct sunlight, this is not the case. Laminates are also required if you want your printed decal to have a high gloss finish.

Decals that are intended to be applied to vehicles require a special vinyl and laminate that is designed to conform to curves, channels and rivets. The material that we use for vehicle decals and car wraps is made by 3M, and is the industry standard for such applications. It is formulated to remove cleanly, unlike some materials which use adhesives that could damage paint underneath.

The least expensive option available for decals from sign companies in Baton Rouge is the use of traditional cut vinyl lettering. Decals produced in this manner are usually limited to one or two colors, unlike digitally printed designs, which can be printed in any color. With cut-vinyl decals, transfer tape will be required for installation, regardless of the dimensions. In this case some of our customers prefer to have installation done by Beacon Images: Next Day Signs since there is some skill required in order to apply the decal without bubbles or creases.

If you have decided to use decals from sign companies in Baton Rouge, call Beacon Images: Next Day Signs at 225-924-2550 or email us at service@beaconimages.net for more information