What causes growth of Sign Companies in Baton Rouge? The same thing that causes growth in any business… happy customers with an unbeatable product at a competitive price. Our goal is keeping the customers we have coming back for every need, over and over again; the residual business. They will tell the next guy and they will repeat it to the next guy and we will have new customer traffic through referrals. We will then see new business simply because we made the first customer our number one priority. By continuing to treat every customer like the priority and valuable part of our business that they truly are, we are seeing the type of growth that leads to the hiring of new personnel. All this means CUSTOMER SERVICE is a major key.  Combining quality products and workmanship with unbeatable customer service is why our business has grown!


Growth is important to the survival of any business, but not at the cost of customer service or satisfaction.  To ensure that our level of service continues to exceed your expectations, we’ve added a front office manager. She’ll be the eyes and ears for everything in the office. Don’t worry, all the people you’ve become accustomed to are here, and are still very willing and able to help.


Beacon Images Inc. is one of the top growing sign companies in Baton RougeMake a telephone call to the office or drop by and you’ll be greeted by a new voice or see a friendly new face.  We’ve added a new staff member due to the exponential growth of our business.  We here at Beacon Images have always taken pride in being one of the premier Sign Companies in Baton Rouge, and by adding new personnel, we intend to take that service and dedication to our customers to the next level.


By offering custom, personalized service for each and every customer, we can insure that you get exactly what you are looking for from your advertisement and business needs. We offer a wide variety of printed products that may be viewed on our website: www.beaconimages.net or for a quote, please call us at 225-924-2550.