While they may not be the most common, A Wooden Sign product for Outdoor Signs is still being used and are still available here at Beacon Images. Not your typical plywood sign, but rather a product called MDO / Sign Board. Medium Density Overlay (MDO) Plywood is an engineered wooden sign panel product, originally designed specifically for sign makers just like us here at Beacon Images. MDO is a hardwood-plywood with a resin soaked fiber overlay between the veneer layers and on both side of the surfaces. The overlay, which has at least 27% resin content, resists water, weather, wear and degradation.  It is the ideal medium for painted signs. MDO plywood is a multiple-use industrial panel whose surface provides superior paint-holding characteristics and is highly resistant to chemicals and weather when properly coated.
MDO wooden sign panels offer consistent quality and dependability for today’s sign maker. It combines the strength of high quality plywood with tough overlays to give you a superior surface performance and a much longer life than some of the other sign materials available in today’s market.
Wherever a smooth, easily painted, durable surface is required, MDO wooden sign panels are a superb choice. Paint finishes on MDO are three times more durable than the same finish applied to ordinary plywood. Because of its weight, it is not recommended for overhead signs, unless properly secured and mounted. Many contractors and builders are required to use types of signs on build sites to advertise their work. Highway departments and commercial sign shops across the nations specify the use of MDO for signs because these signs carry the message clearly, are structurally sound for use in large signage, and are weather resistant. Another perk is they are resistant to acts of vandalism.  MDO can be used to upgrade metal signs by being place directly over those old worn metal ones that have far out served their time.

Here at Beacon Images, we use only top grade MDO with 2 good sides for your sign needs. Allowing for a doubled sided sign should it be necessary for your signage. We will collaborate with you for your custom design, create a proof, manufacture the sign and schedule the install of your sign. Working with you step by step is the key to our success! If you are in need of this type, or any other type of custom signage, please contact us here at Beacon Images:  225-924-2550 or www.beaconimages.net