Beacon Images is your source for OUTDOOR SIGNS in BATON ROUGE.  We offer many options for outdoor signage to meet your needs, from temporary to permanent.  Some of the materials we have to offer for outdoor signage option are: Vinyl – used for banners; Corrugated Plastic, PVC, MDO (Medium Density Overlay Plywood), Signabond, HUD (High Density Urethane), and Monuments. With these, the sky is the limit on your outdoor signs in Baton Rouge options. Outdoor signage often requires permits and there are laws and regulations that have to be considered before placing these types of signs. We here at Beacon Images will handle all of the permit acquisition process.


Lets look a little deeper into a few of the longer term options for outdoor signs in Baton Rouge. Monuments are one option for long term signage. They are made of a foam core with a high strength polymer exterior that is able to flawlessly replicate many materials, such as brick, stucco, wood, and even stone. This material is resistant to moisture, rot and termites that can destroy signs made of lower quality materials. This material is made to withstand the extreme temperature and fluctuations that are common to this area.


The next option in long term signs would be HDU (High Density Urethane). It is considered the best choice for long lasting outdoor signage because of it’s durability. It will not rust, warp, crack, or bow like wood and it is also lighter than wood. It can be painted in custom colors and it is custom routed or carved for distinction among other signs.


Signabond is the other option we will explore. It is one of the most rugged materials available. It is durable, lightweight and weather-resistant. By definition it is a composite aluminum, which is thin sheets of aluminum around a rubber composite core.


Whatever your choice of materials, we will make your sign custom to your specifications to last you for years to come. Contact us today at 225-927-2550 for your personal consultation. We are conveniently located at 8700 Florida Blvd right here in Baton Rouge.


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