Outdoor signs in Baton Rouge are one of our specialties here are Beacon Images. Is your business ready to invest in something that will change your location from a bare storefront to a local landmark? We have the ability to craft custom outdoor signs in a variety of styles from aluminum unlit signage, to dimensional lettering, to dive-thru menus. One of our recent jobs was redesigning and printing all of the drivethru (and interior) menus for the local chain of Mediterranean restaurants, Serop’s. Now in addition to their first-rate food, they have high quality, durable signage to assist their customers.

Our outdoor signs are not just limited to Baton Rouge.  For example, Coastal Bridge, is sporting sleek new signs at their location in Lafayette. These were digitally routed from HDU. High Density Urethane is the best choice for long lasting, high end custom routed or carved signage. When installed properly will give years of use. These signs will not rot or rust, and will not warp, crack, or bow like solid wood when exposed to the elements. It is slightly lighter that wood, which might be a consideration for a dangling sign. After being routed they where painstakingly hand painted by our artists with high quality lettering enamel. These enamels can give a solid matte finish or a lusterous, glossy finish depending on your preference. The new project for Coast Bridge combined these two finish types to create addition dimension and interest to their design. These unique and eye-catching signs will serve them for years to come.

Living in a metropolitan are makes it easy to overlook the impact that quality outdoor signs have on businesses in Baton Rouge. The fact is that prominent and distinctive signage will set your business apart from the rest, increasing findability and doubling as advertising to passers-by. It is one of the best investments you can make for the health and growth of your Baton Rouge area business. If you’ve been considering exterior signage in Baton Rouge then give Beacon Images a call at 225-924-2550 or email us at service@beaconimages.net.