There are thousands of outdoor signs in Baton Rouge, and every once in a while you might drive past one and think “Wow, that’ thing is ugly”. Far more often than you experience that reaction though, you will drive past a lot of them and experience something that is even worse: indifference or maybe just confusion. Any of these responses is the result of the underlying issue of a inadequately considered design process. In order to avoid having your own promotional investments poorly received or overlooked by your audience, it is important to understand what goes into good outdoor signage and what you should look for as a consumer.

One of the first major considerations for outdoor signs in Baton Rouge before you even consider what the finished piece will look like, is location. Where will your outdoor signs be placed? This is not just an arbitrary decision. It should consider traffic patterns in the area in order to ensure that it is visible to your intended audience. Are there any obstructions or anything that could impede visibility? What are the lighting conditions in that area? Another factor when determining placement is the nature of laws and regulations in that area. Will you need to file for permits? It would be a shame to invest in the perfect display only to have the city come and take it down for violations.

The next important consideration is what the message and content of your signage will be. Consider that the majority of those who see it will only be exposed to it for seconds as they pass by. If the message is not clear or if it tries to provide too much information, it may be overlooked altogether. It is important that the content reflect only a narrowly defined purpose. This purpose can be for direction, identification, or promotion.   But whatever the purpose, it is important that everything added to the signage be chosen for its ability to aid the audience’s ability to quickly grasp what is being conveyed.

This post has covered the first two considerations for effective design of outdoor signs in Baton Rouge. Look for our upcoming post that continues this discussion and delves deeper into these principles. There are many sign companies in Baton Rouge, but Beacon Images is the one dedicated to more than just making the sale. We want to make sure that your outdoor sign meets the standard of excellence to which we hold every order. Call our consultants for more information at (225)924-2550.  You will be glad you did.