Outdoor Signs in Baton Rouge are an essential part of promoting any business. Monuments are the most attention grabbing exterior signage since they are usually customized, dimensional, and combine multiple textures. These characteristics tend to draw the eye of potential customers who may pass by other displays without a second glance. Monuments enhance the visibility of your business, draw in new customers and allow existing customers to easily identify your location. They also increase the perception of your business’ permanence and class which in turn increases the customer confidence.

Due to the complex nature of custom outdoor monument signs in Baton Rouge, there is a greater production time required for their construction and installation. Construction of monuments generally takes several weeks from the approval of the proof. During this time Beacon Images will also be working on filing for all necessary permits and paperwork filed as well as having utilities marked that may conflict with the desired installation location. Due to the necessary lead time for all of this to occur, many customers choose to install temporary outdoor signs that require only one or two business days to assemble.

Even though they take additional time to construct monuments, are well worth the wait. They are made out of a foam core with a high strength polymer exterior that is able to flawlessly replicate many materials including brick, stucco and stone.  Our outdoor signs in Baton Rouge are made to withstand the extreme temperature and weather variations in our area. They are also resistant to termites, rot and moisture that can quickly destroy outdoor signs made of low quality materials.

If you are interested in outdoor signs for your Baton Rouge business you can call Beacon Images at 225-924-2550, email us at service@beaconimages.net or log on to our website to browse our gallery of recently completed outdoor signs and monuments at www.beaconimages.net.