Car wraps in Baton Rouge aren’t limited to cars. There are many different ways Beacon Images: Next Day Signs can help promote your business with wraps. We can wrap just about anything that moves and any number of things that don’t as well.

While the first things that come to mind when thinking of wraps are usually truck and car wraps in Baton Rouge, we can also wrap trailers, boats, motorcycles, and more. In fact, one of our most recent projects was the remote control helicopter we just completed for Safe Air Technology shown in the picture below.

If you are trying to decide what type of marketing you want to use to promote your business or product,  you will want to consider using a car wrap in Baton Rouge.  Think of all the places you drive on a daily basis and the number of vehicles on the roads with you. Each one of those vehicles contains a potential customer your message could be reaching. Instead of seeing traffic as a waste of time, you could see every minute of your commute as marketing time with your business’ contact information being shared with a captive audience. Consider how much of your own day is spent staring at someone else’s rear bumper.

Car wraps in Baton Rouge are far more affordable than using billboards for your marketing needs and they travel with you instead of being confined to a static roadside location. While standard signage is a necessary part of any company’s marketing strategy, it is limited by its immobility. Much of the time, the people viewing your signage will be the same people who drive past it on a daily basis. Using car wraps gives you marketing access to a much broader, ever-changing audience. If you’re considering vehicle wraps in Baton Rouge for your company, you can call (225)924-2550 for a consultation, or email us at

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