Once we have designed your car wraps in Baton Rouge.  The next step is the installation.  We will schedule the installation, based on the dates that are best for the client.  It typically takes about three days to install a full vehicle wrap.

The morning of the first day will be spent reviewing all the measurements to insure that your car wraps will fit exactly as intended and that it will stand out as you drive around the streets of Baton Rouge.  Next, we will start printing your graphics.  After all of the graphics are printed, they will be laminated with 3M 8519, to protect the prints from the harmful effects of the uv rays.  When all of the prints have been laminated, we will trim the excess vinyl, to insure that all of the vehicle graphics will line up correctly.

Then we are ready to start applying your car wraps in Baton Rouge.  Before we apply the vinyl, we will wipe down the vehicle with a special solution to insure that the graphics will adhere properly to your vehicle.  Special care will be taken to insure that all prints line up properly.  Then the vinyl will be squeegeed to take out any air bubbles and to insure that it will adhere to the car properly.

After three days of carefully applying the car wrap, we will be ready to unveil our latest creation.  Most customers are simply amazed when they see our work of art.  As you drive around town, you will receive anywhere from forty thousand seventy thousand exposures per day.  This will lead to phone calls, or to click on your website.  The resulting effect will be increased sales.

Call us today for a free consultation.  You are under no obligation to purchase anything.  But if you do decide to purchase, your investment will quickly pay for itself.