Looking to stretch your advertising dollar? Get the most bang for your buck with Custom Car Wraps in Baton Rouge from Beacon Images! Customized to your specifications, using only the highest quality materials and professional installation your car will be a rolling billboard for your business. You have the potential to reach 40,000 to 70,000 clients/customers PER DAY. That is a lot of advertising work for the dollar. While these types of graphic are considered a substantial investment, they are a wise investment for those looking for mobile advertising that will catch the eye of the intended clients.


To being the process of your Custom Car Wrap in Baton Rouge, you need to have an idea, a dream of the finished product. Contact us here at Beacon Images, convey that idea, that dream to our graphic artist, and let us begin working on a proof for you. We’ll also need to know what type of vehicle it will be going on, so what are you driving? We’ll need to get custom measurements to ensure that everything we do fits your vehicle perfectly. Once we have these first few necessary details, we can have a customized proof for you to view. If you are completely satisfied with the first proof, we can move on to the next phase, production. If not, we will continue to edit the proof until you are completely satisfied and ready to produce the artwork for application on your vehicle. Nothing is printed until you, the customer, is completely satisfied.


After production, the vehicle must be left on-site for the wrap application. A vehicle wrap application is time consuming and detailed process, that takes about 3 days to complete. The first step, the vehicle is carefully and thoroughly cleaned with a special cleaning solution that cleans and preps the vehicles surface for the wrap application, so the adhesive sticks properly, and ensures that the wrap can be removed without damaging the paint, if properly maintained. Everything is then carefully and professionally applied.  A custom wrap can last up to 10 years, and is warrantied by the manufacturer for 7 years, making it easier to see the long term value of the initial investment.


If you would like to schedule a quote, call 225-924-2550 or stop by 8700 Florida Blvd, Suite G, Baton Rouge, LA and we here at Beacon Images will be happy to get you started with your Custom Car Wrap in Baton Rouge today!