Car wraps are a great way to spread the word about your Baton Rouge product, service or business. At Beacon Images we are committed to creating and installing outstanding vehicle graphics at a price that is far less than other forms of advertising. Using your vehicle as a moving billboard will spread the awareness of your business to everyone you pass while driving, and to those who pass by your parked vehicle. The potential audience is limitless.

Full car wraps in Baton Rouge generally start around a few thousand dollars and vary in price depending on the vehicle and the degree of coverage desired. The vinyl that we use for these wraps is designed to remove cleanly, without residue, for up to seven years. Image that you got a car wrap that cost $2,500. The price for seven years of constant advertising to a virtually limitless audience would cost you less that a dollar a day. Compare this to advertising on the radio. The regional rate for a single 30 second radio spot is around $36. That means that $3,600 would by 100 spots, equivalent to a single hour of advertising. In contrast, assuming you only get seven years of use out of your car wrap, that is equal to 61,230 hours! That’s a per hour advertising cost of 4 cents for a $2,500 wrap.

A custom wrapped vehicle adds an extra air of professionalism to company vehicles and turns commuting from wasted time into marketing time. At Beacon Images: Next Day Signs of Baton Rouge we specialize in designing car wraps for the Baton Rouge market, that demand attention and get it. We use only the highest quality materials and work with our customers to ensure their satisfaction with every aspect of their wrap. If you’re interested in finding out more about what Beacon Images: Next Day Signs can do for your business then call us at 225-924-2550, or email us at