If you’re considering looking into car wraps in Baton Rouge there are a number of things to consider in order to determine the best choice. The major factors to consider are your budget and your desired impact. As with most forms advertisement the degree of impact, the amount of visual pop, is more or less proportional to the expense associated with your wrap. However, those on a tight budget need not despair. There are a great many options when it comes to using your vehicle as a marketing tool and not all of them require a tremendous investment.

Obviously, the greatest visibility for the product or business you are trying to promote will come from a full car wrap in Baton Rouge. This type of wrap covers 80-100% of you vehicle with custom graphics printed a special vinyl that will conform to the curves of your vehicle. At Beacon Images: Next Day Signs in Baton Rouge we print our car wraps on a top of the line 3M vinyl that is both conformable and utilizes air-egress technology to eliminate unsightly bubbles. This our vehicle wraps are given a secondary layer of protection with a specialized 3M laminate for added durability, UV defense and abrasion resistance. This vinyl is formulated to remove cleanly from the underlying paint for up to 8 years without residue.

Full vehicle wraps generally begin around $3000, although this is dependant on a large number of factors including the size of the vehicle and the amount of design and install time needed to provide a quality result. While this may seem like a large investment it should be noted that the price of a full wrap compared to other forms of advertisement is extremely reasonable. For example, billboards in the greater Baton Rouge area range from $1000-$4500 per month depending on the amount of traffic the area receives. In contrast, a full vehicle wrap travels wherever you do and will last for years for less that what it would cost for a single month of premium billboard space.

Regardless of the tremendous promotional value a full vehicle wrap offers it simply may not fit the budget for some people. For those looking for a big bang for their buck it may be worth considering a partial vehicle wrap. This can range from wrapping several panels of your vehicle to a single window. A partial wrap will have the most impact when it includes the rear of the vehicle since it takes advantage of the captive audience provided by traffic, stop signs, lights and parking. Partial wraps generally begin around a few hundred dollars depending on the amount of coverage desired.

If your search for car wraps in Baton Rouge requires an even lower budget then there are other options available as well. Although the marketing impact of your wrap will be strongly correlated to the amount you are willing to invest, we at Beacon Images: Next Day Signs of Baton Rouge work hard to provide options that will fit into any budget. Look for upcoming posts on these other low cost alternatives to car wraps.