With so many events in Baton Rouge, banners are the perfect way to promote and decorate them. Hardly a month passes without some holiday festivities or cultural event being celebrated. With the winter holidays wrapping up and Mardi Gras around the corner we thought it was a great time to revisit the benefits of this wonderfully versatile form of signage.

Every New Years party will feature some decorations but most will be of the same old generic, store-bought variety. A great way to add spice to your party decor is with a custom vinyl banner from your Baton Rouge Sign Company, Beacon Images / Next Day Signs.  We will design it specifically to match your colors and themes. Our most popular banners are digitally printed with vivid inks and designs on 13-ounce vinyl and have metal grommets every 24 inches around the their edge for easy hanging in any space or location.

Maybe you want to decorate the walls of your party with some of your instagram highlights to kindle nostalgia of all the fun things you and your friends experienced this past year in Baton Rouge. Getting five of those memories printed as 2′x3′ wall hangings will start at around $35 each and if you increase that quantity to ten the price per hanging decreases to around $30 each. Hangings printed with your photos can also be a great post-party gift for some of your friends since they are meant to hold up for far longer than a single night of celebration.

They are also a great way to promote business events as well as personal events. Why hang a small sign in your window that will only promote your sale or event to the few people close enough to read it, when you can have a 3′x10′ sign that will grab the attention everyone driving by? Our banners are affordable, durable, reusable, and can be rolled up for convenient storage when not in use. If you’ve been considering using banners in Baton Rouge then call Beacon Images: Next Day Signs for a quote at 225-924-2550, or email us at service@beaconimages.net.