If you’re looking into banners in Baton Rouge then this post will give you some helpful information. They are a great way to convey your message in a manner that is quick and affordable to produce. Most of our banners at Next Day Signs in Baton Rouge are printed on a single-sided, 13-ounce vinyl, however we also carry another vinyl that is suitable for double-sided for those that require it. While the most common size is 8′ wide x 4′ tall, we are able to print up to 54″ tall and any length. All our banners, single or double-sided, are hemmed so that there is a 1″ border on each edge where the material is twice as thick for maximum durability. Our use of 3M hemming tape ensures a neat edge that will withstand wind and weather without fraying. Most are set with 1″ brass grommets spaced a maximum of 24″ apart all along the edges for easy hanging although this spacing can be altered to suit needs of the customer.

Banners of this sort are great for any number of uses around Baton Rouge. Some of the most common uses are as a form of temporary signage advertising sales, business relocations, grand openings, employment opportunities and other events. Many businesses also use them as a form of quick signage while they are waiting for production to be completed on their permanent signage from Beacon Images: Next Day Signs in Baton Rouge, such as monuments and backlit signs, that require a longer lead time. They are also used by many customers who want signs that they only need on an intermittent basis and therefore require a small amount to storage space when not in use.

Beacon Images: Next Day Signs is able to produce vinyl banners rapidly and offers quantity pricing for those who need more than one banner at a time. We are experts at creating products that meet the unique specifications of our customers. We can customize designs to suit almost any need. If you have requirements that haven’t been covered in this post such as banners that can withstand a great deal of wind or have nonstandard hanging needs our staff will be happy to find a way to rise to the occasion. Additional questions about any products from Beacon Images: Next Day Signs in Baton Rouge can be discussed over the phone at (225)924-2550, or via email at service@beaconimages.net.