Banners in Baton Rouge by Beacon Images are a cost effective way to promote your business, event,
or make your special announcement in a big way. Many event planners use them to promote events, but
they are certainly not limited to this application. Often they are used for temporary signage while
waiting for permanent signage to arrive. If you have a special event such as a ball tournament, a
graduation, a new birth announcement, anything that is big news worthy, banners in Baton Rouge are
the perfect way to convey that message.
Banners in Baton Rouge by Beacon Images can be done to your specifications in either single or
double sided format, with either a 1” finished edge or unfinished. If it is going to be hung unframed,
like from posts or from a side of a building, it needs to be finished, with grommets on the corners and
also at every 24”, or as needed by the customer. We use 3M hemming tape to finish the edge to give it
a clean, sturdy finish that will hold up against wind and weather if the product is being used outdoors.
Keep in mind, they are perfect for indoor decoration as well. The uniqueness of the perfectly designed
one may be just what your party or celebration is missing.
Banners are constructed from a strong 13 ounce vinyl, that can be used for annual events, stored easily
(by rolling into a cylinder form – They shouldn’t be folded, because this causes creases that won’t
come out.), they are digitally printed with vivid ink in designs that meet your needs and match your
theme and/or colors. For annual events that are dated, cut vinyl can add a specific date, and then be
peeled off and replaced the next year with the new date to keep it current, making it reusable. They can
be up to 54” tall and any length you desire.
Don’t hesitate to call us here at Beacon Images 225-924-2550, to speak with our sales department or
our graphic artist to get started on designing your perfect banner today.
Check out these that we’ve done for our very satisfied customers: