Banners in Baton Rouge have thousands of applications. We have so many great events in this city and the success of every one of them depends on how well they are promoted. There are tons of ways in which to raise awareness of your event, from word of mouth to social media. Banners are another one of the many promotional tools you can use. They have the advantage of being durable, portable, and affordable.

They can also be easily stored for reuse if you have a recurring event. One clever method for extending the use of banners for recurring events that is utilized by a number of our clients at Beacon Images of Baton Rouge, is to add the event date in cut vinyl overtop of the printed piece. The cut vinyl can then be peeled off after the event, and replaced with an updated date whenever the event comes around again. This technique is notably used by the promoters for the Baton Rouge Race for the Cure, among others.

The easiest way to store your banner in between uses is to carefully roll it into a long cylinder with the printed portion facing inward. This will protect the printed image from dirt and scratches. The ends can be secured with masking tape in order to it from unrolling without causing any damage to the material. It is advisable not to fold you banner for storage. Doing so can cause creases that may be difficult, if not impossible, to smooth out when you unpack you banner for reuse.

Banners from Beacon Images: Next Day Signs of Baton Rouge are a fantastic way to market any event. We pride ourselves on using material that will withstand repeated use. If you are considering banners for your Baton Rouge event then call us at 225-924-2550, or email your questions to